Tuesday, October 26, 2010


They got the epidural in and mom seemed much more relaxed afterwards. Good news from the doctor that her bowels are working (they've been concerned about that.)

Some have asked about the fever she's been running off and on. They've checked her for pneumonia and they say she doesn't have any signs of it right now "nothing is growing in the dish". Her fever was up to 102 again tonight and they can't give her any Tylenol because of her liver so they just keep her room cold and use ice packs to draw it down. The nurse said that this fever could just be part of the head injury - not necessarily an infection that they are unaware of.

The doctor said that our next big step is to try to get the ventilator out, and he's guessing that they will try to do that in a couple of days. Before they will even try she has to be awake enough and able to protect her own airway with neck control and with coughing. She hasn't coughed yet and that may be because of the pain and it may be a result of the brain injury. So let's all pray for a good cough!

She should have a good night without pain. I pray she does. Thanks for all the prayers, Mel


  1. This is Ted's daughter Debbie. Wanted to let you know that our prayers are with you for Laura's complete recovery. I worked with her during her crafts fairs and it was always so fun to spend time with her.
    LOVE to all you.

  2. Last Sunday our closing Hymn in Sacrament Meeting was "Each Life that Touches Ours for Good" and all these memories about Laura came flooding in and I was just sobbing (fortunately I am the Primary Chorister and we had just done the program so people thought I was emotional about that...anyway). Thoughts of Laura in my life fill me with the security of young childhood. She was my second mother then, as I spent so much time in her home having sleepovers with my best friends...her daughters. We trick-or-treated with her family every year. I remember all the projects she had going on and being able to earn money to help. That's probably where I get my love for stuff like that...I just can't resist buying baggies that hold 2 tablespoons, I know they'll be useful for something! Laura has always been someone who builds me up everytime I see her, like I make her really proud and that she loves me a lot. What a special gift to be able to make someone feel like that literally every time you see them. At the very least Laura has been someone who has touched my life for good. I love you Laura! Our family is praying for you every day and I just WISH WISH WISH I could be there! May you heal faster and smile sooner than expected! And Elijah adds "We love you Aunt Laura!"

    Love, Mary

  3. I'm Laura's cousin (Eileen's daughter)and wanted you to know she has been in every one of my prayers. I'm glad to know about the fast, because there's always that desire to DO something. Laura called me a couple years ago about a friend she was worried about in the Reno area...she was so sweet. Much love and prayers (and we will be fasting with you on Sunday)!! ~Nancy

  4. This is Nanette Nelson's daughter Jenni. Laura and Mylan, you and your family are in my heart full time. And in every prayer.

  5. Note: I am posting comment on friend's computer.

    Laura, I love you so much. Please, please stay strong to get through this difficult time of healing. You have been my salvation, in many ways. My heart is breaking for you and your family. I love you all.