Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Surgery on her ribs

They've decided to take mom into surgery tomorrow to "plate her ribs." I guess this is uncommon (they usually just leave them alone) but the doctor says he thinks it will help her heal and get comfortable much more quickly. They haven't told us what time they will do it. More info when we have it!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mother! I'm an old friend of Melinda's and am so heartbroken I just found out. I will keep her and your family in my thoughts and prayers. May she have peace as well as your family as she goes through this long recovery!


  2. Jana sent word of the blog that is set up and so here we are. Mylan, we are always thinking of you guys down there and pulling for you. From past experience I can tell you that there are guardian angels attending Laura in her room. In my minds eye I have seen them. They have been there for us and so that leads me to believe they are definitely there for you and the family. Amidst all the confusion and desperation the Lord can cut through the haze that you feel yourself in and bless you all.
    We love you very much and all those amazing daughters you have ( love their guts ). We will be down soon to visit Laura.....Mary

  3. I have just found an article on the "U-plate" rib surgery, which I hope is what they are doing. It is very new, but here is a quote from one of the first people to have it:

    Schaub was thrown from his horse while jumping a barrier, breaking every rib on his left side. He was
    rushed to the nearest hospital, where he was stabilized. Three of his broken ribs had impaled his lung, so he
    was slowly bleeding to death with every breath and movement. After two weeks in the hospital, he still
    couldn’t catch his breath. It became clear to his family that he was not getting better. Schaub then was
    transferred to the OHSU Trauma Center, where he underwent eight hours of elective surgery to repair his
    broken ribs, broken collar bone, collapsed lung and fractured shoulder blade.
    "When I woke up after Dr. Mayberry's operation, my wife was wondering why I was smiling from ear to ear.
    I could take my first full breath without agonizing pain. Dr. Mayberry not only saved my life, but he also
    enabled me to resume my very active lifestyle. I am now riding [horses], downhill skiing, doing U.S. Cavalry
    living history and hiking again. Also, I am back to work full time.”

  4. All the Dopps and Kings are thinking about you and keeping you in our prayers. We admire your family so much. Laura, thank heavens you have Mylan and seven wonderful daughters to get you through this. We are here for babysitting and meals, and we plan on you calling and asking. Anytime.