Thursday, November 4, 2010

working hard!

Mom is working hard everyday to try to regulate her own heart rate and breathing. The goal is to get her off the ventilator, she does really well at times but then gets anxious and has to depend more on the ventilator. She has a respitory therapist, a speech therapist and a physical therapist and maybe more i havent been there to meet who are all working very hard with her. She is being a real trooper, it is obvious that even the simple things like a thumbs up or blinking is very tiresome but I am sure she is giving it all shes got. She knows how much we all need her. Please keep those prayers going. I am sure they are giving her as well as our whole family much needed strength.

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  1. Hello Savage girls and Brother Savage! It is amazing how the grapevine's been such a long time since I've seen or heard from any of you but I just learnt of your Mom's accident and your family struggle and wanted to wish you all and your mother the very best. Sending all my love, prayers and thoughts of encouragement and peace your way. God Bless.

    Mary Ellen (Goff) Mason