Friday, October 24, 2014

Let's Start at the Beginning..... Laura's earliest poetry

(Laura’s poems, we think from second grade. Written one after another on a small piece of paper.  I found them yesterday going through
moving boxes.) Sent to Laura's Daughters from Her Mother a few months ago.......
This was another one of those "gifts" from her. To be able to read her thoughts from childhood is so fun. I am just beginning to teach these darling poems to my own kids. 

Stars are shining in the night
Shining, shining Oh so bright
See them shining, O just see
Looking down at you and me
Shining in the pretty sky
Now it’s morning, say goodbye.

Smiling, smiling
Through the day
I’ll sing, I’ll laught
and I wil play
Yes I will smile all
through the day
And in a happy smiling way

Glittering, Glittering
Comes the snow
Here it comes so
Light and slow

Moonlight shining in the night
Shining with glory light
Shining, shining
Oh so bright

The Park
I went to the park
and what did I see
A small, small turtle
Looking at me
Hellow[sic] Mr. Turtle
I happen to say
Hellow, he said back
How you doing today?

Mr. Giraffe
Mr. Giraffe has
A neck so high
That it reaches
Way up in the sky
Mr. Giraffe has
A perfect view 
Of the land so
Green and the sky

So blue.

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